Oklahoma – OK State vying for online sales tax

Online sales tax is slowly becoming common practice, but many are frustrated with the pace
By Sidney Lee | Transcript Staff Writer Jan 15, 2017

“Local merchants and city leaders have pointed to online shopping as one of the main reasons Norman and other municipalities across the state have seen a decrease in sales tax collections.

The city’s January’s receipts are 8.49 percent below last year’s in the same month.

States across the country are attempting to answer the issue of lost sales tax dollars with legislation and through settlements with major online retailers. Oklahoma is no exception.

Last year, state legislators passed the Retail Protection Act of 2016, which prompted the Oklahoma Tax Commission to send out letters to each of the top 500 online retailers asking these retailers to alert Oklahoma customers about how much use tax they owe to the state.

Oklahoma Tax Commission spokesperson Paula Ross said this is where taxpayers tend to get confused; what is a use tax and what does it have to do with sales tax?

“Use tax is really just the same a sales tax,” Ross said”…

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