Arkansas – AR Amazon to start collecting Arkansas sales tax in March

KATV – ABC 7 Little Rock

by Elicia DoverFriday, February 10th 2017

Amazon will start collecting Arkansans sales tax starting in March, according to a spokeswoman for the company.

“Amazon will begin collecting sales tax in the state of Arkansas beginning March 1, 2017,” Jill Kerr of Amazon said in a short statement to Channel 7 News.

Amazon currently collects sales tax in 38 states and the District of Columbia.

In the Arkansas legislature two separate bills aimed at attempting to collect sales tax from out of state retailers without a physical presence in the state have been proposed.

House bill 1388 proposed by Rep. Dan Douglas (R-Distrcit 91) passed the House Wednesday and has been referred to the Senate.

Senate bill 140 proposed by Sen. Jake Files (R-District 8) passed the Senate last week and has been referred to the House.

The spokeswoman declined to comment on whether or not the bills were a determining factor in the company starting to collect sales tax.

Recently Amazon began collecting sales tax in several other states where legislation was passed or pending that would put the burden on Amazon to collect sales tax at the point of sale or keep track of their customer’s purchases instead of holding the buyer responsible for self-reporting their purchases.

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