Oklahoma – OK Amazon Will Start Collecting Sales Taxes in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Watch

By Trevor Brown February 1, 2017

Updated Feb. 2

“Online retail giant Amazon will start collecting sales tax from Oklahoma customers in March – a move that will send tens of millions of dollars to state and local governments.

Gov. Mary Fallin on Thursday confirmed the arrangement, first reported by Oklahoma Watch the day before, and said collections will begin on March 1. State, city, town and county governments will receive their first extra revenues as early as May. With the change, Oklahoma will become the 40th state where the Seattle-based e-commerce company collects and remits sales and use taxes.

However, the additional tax revenue will not impact Oklahoma’s current fiscal year budget or the $870 million projected shortfall for next year’s budget. Fallin said that’s because budget officials included the anticipated sales tax money in the state’s revenue estimates while secret negotiations with Amazon were underway”….

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