West Virginia – WV Debate over repealing W.Va. income tax officially begins

Metro News

By Brad McElhinny in News | February 16, 2017 at 5:10PM

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — If there’s anything Gov. Jim Justice and state Senate President Mitch Carmichael agree on, it’s eliminating the state personal income tax.

While Justice has stated the tax’s elimination as one of his goals for the future, Carmichael and other Senate Republicans went ahead and introduced a bill Thursday that would upend the state’s current tax structure.

It would repeal the consumer sales tax, the use tax and the personal income tax and phase out the corporate net income tax and enact a general consumption tax.

The lead sponsor was Senator Robert Karnes, R-Upshur. The bill was referenced to the Select Committee on Tax Reform, which was created by Carmichael.

The bill states, “The Legislature further finds it to be imminently fair that, with few exceptions, the financial support which each vendor and each other person would provide for the functions of state government through such a tax should be measured by the extent to which they participate in the marketplaces or acquire such goods and services for use.”

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