Mississippi – MS No disclosure of Amazon sales tax

Hub City Spokes
Wed, 03/15/2017 – 5:19pm by Steve Wilson

The Mississippi Department of Revenue said it won’t give up Amazon sales tax deal records requested by the Mississippi Justice Institute because it has to protect a taxpayer. The Mississippi Legislature already has plans for what it will do with the windfall from the internet sales tax for which a final administrative rule from the DOR is still pending. The agency a few weeks ago filed its reply to the Mississippi Justice Institute’s complaint over a denial of its public records request. The Institute requested details and related communications on the deal the DOR reached with online retail giant Amazon, which has already started collecting the state’s 7 percent use tax on items bought by Mississippians. The DOR says in its response that the requested documents are exempt from the state’s open records law since it has a legal duty to protect the confidentiality of a taxpayer.

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