Multi-State – Tax-Free No More: Amazon To Begin Collecting Sales Tax Nationwide On April 1

Kelly Phillips, Forbes Staff
March 27, 2017

If you’ve been enjoying sales tax-free purchases online, get ready for a major change. Amazon will begin collecting sales taxes from all states with a sales tax as of April 1, 2017. That’s no April Fool’s Day joke: it’s for real.

After years of fighting the imposition of sales tax on a state by state basis – from court battles to corporate exemptions – Amazon has been pursuing a different tack of late. The online retail giant has been adding – not fighting – states to its list of jurisdictions subject to sales tax. You can see the list as it appears today here.

The list is about to get a little longer. Next month, Amazon will begin collecting sales tax in Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, and New Mexico. Those four states are the last to be added to the list, rounding out a complete list of 45 states where Amazon will now collect sales tax. That means that as of next month, Amazon will be collecting sales tax nationwide.

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