Oklahoma – OK Amazon to begin charging state sales tax in Oklahoma

Sam Holzschuh, Staff Reporter, @ocolly Feb 28, 2017 Updated 6 hrs ago

Stillwater city officials will celebrate a spike in revenue when Amazon starts collecting sales taxes Wednesday.

Amazon.com Inc. made a deal with Gov. Mary Fallin on Feb. 2 to begin collecting state sales tax. The company and Fallin agreed to add Oklahoma to the 39 other states where Amazon collects sales tax.

Stillwater citizens pay an 8.813 percent sales tax per dollar at businesses physically located in the city. Amazon will collect the same tax rate. The online retailer is expected to remit the collection in May, Fallin said.

Stillwater City Manager Norman McNickle is a proponent of taxing online retailers. He said Amazon, along with about 350 other internet retailers, has not been required to participate in Oklahoma taxes. Retailers in Stillwater need to adapt to the digital age but leveling the playing field between them and internet retailers is overdue, McNickle said.

“To a degree, it’s kind of complicated,” he said. “It’s just collect what we’re already due. That’s all I want.”

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