Virginia – VA Guidelines for the Virginia Tax Amnesty Program

Virginia Tax

The Virginia General Assembly recently enacted Item 3-5.17 of House Bill 1500, House Bill 2246 and Senate Bill 1438 (2017 Acts of Assembly, Chapters _, 53 and _), which authorize the Tax Commissioner to oversee the Virginia Tax Amnesty Program.

Under the legislation, the Virginia Tax Amnesty Program will be administered by the Department of Taxation for a period ranging between 60 and 75 days during Fiscal Year 2018.  All penalties and 50 percent of the interest will be waived upon payment of the taxpayer’s remaining balance.  At the conclusion of the amnesty period, any remaining amnesty-qualified liabilities will be assessed an additional 20 percent penalty.

With certain exceptions, any taxpayer who currently has an outstanding assessment, or has not filed a return for any tax administered by the Department, may apply for amnesty.  The following taxpayers would not be eligible to participate in the tax amnesty program:

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