Colorado – All Sales Tax Licenses Will Expire December 31, 2017

SALT Report 3952 – Renewal is required for all Colorado sales tax licenses by December 31, 2017.

A sales tax license is used for the collection and filing of Colorado and local sales taxes. Renewed licenses will be valid for a two-year period that begins January 1, 2018. Each physical location must have its own license and pay a $16 renewal fee. If you recently applied for and received your sales tax license, you still must renew for the new two-year period.

Renewal options include:

  • Online renewal – You may complete your online renewal through Revenue Online beginning November 2017.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer – You may renew through EFT. Paying your license renewal by EFT fulfills the requirement of filing a license renewal application. Click on the EFT Webpage to renew.
  • Paper Renewals – You may also renew using the form DR 1594.

For More Information:
Colorado Department of Revenue