Illinois – Complaints Some Retailers Still Charging Repealed Soda Tax

The News Tribune
The Associated Press
December 28, 2017

Some retailers in Cook County either haven’t gotten word an unpopular soda tax was repealed or haven’t gotten around to adjusting their prices.

The Chicago Tribune reports county officials have received a couple dozen complaints that businesses were still charging the penny-per-ounce tax eliminated on Nov. 30.

Most of the complaints were unfounded. Some of those complaining mistook sales tax for the repealed soda tax.

It may be bad customer relations. But a county spokesman says it’s not illegal for retailers to appear to be charging a tax that doesn’t exist.

The tax was adopted in August. Supporters said it would also help dissuade people from consuming sugary beverages. The beverage industry fought it and others said they resented a governmental body was seeking to modify their behavior as consumers.