Alabama – Bill Takes Aim At Sales Taxes
by Jason Morton
March 19, 2018

State Sen. Gerald Allen is sponsoring a bill that would make it harder for Tuscaloosa municipalities to raise sales taxes.

If passed, Allen’s amendment to the Alabama Constitution would require at least two public hearings and a vote of the people before city or town councils could hike property or use taxes.

“I would think having the citizens of Tuscaloosa more involved in the process would make the elected officials more accountable to … every citizen of the county,” Allen said.

Before the new rules could be imposed on the county’s two cities and seven townships, Allen’s bill would have to clear both the Alabama Legislature and a vote of all Tuscaloosa County residents.

While it there may not be enough time for Senate Bill 393 to gain approval in Montgomery — this year’s sessions is expected to end March 29 — Allen, who stands for re-election in November, said he will reintroduce the bill next year, if necessary.

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