Wisconsin – What You Need To Know About Changes To Online Sales Taxes In WI

Amazon is promising customers a million deals. That’s the most yet as the company’s 4th annual Prime Day kicks off Monday afternoon. Amazon has extended its promotion for 36 hours. It’s also the first Prime Day with Whole Foods, Amazon’s most expensive acquisition. Amazon doesn’t disclose revenue from previous Prime Days, but financial analysts predict it’s going to reach $3.4 billion this year.

Wisconsin residents have already been paying sales taxes on Amazon because of the distribution center in Kenosha, but there are some big changes coming to the way the state collects taxes for other online sales. Thanks to a recent Supreme Court decision, those modifications will affect the millions of people who buy online and could rake in nearly $200 million additional sales tax revenue for the state.

Starting this October, all remote sellers will be required to register to collect and remit Wisconsin sales or use taxes, a decision consistent with the Supreme Court decision.

Channel 3000.com
by Josh Spreiter
July 16, 2018

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