Connecticut – Sales Tax Free Week Started Sunday. Here’s What You Need To Know

A weeklong break in paying sales taxes on many items may give Connecticut shoppers an extra incentive to stock up on necessities or an excuse to pick up items that have long been on their wish lists. Connecticut’s 18th annual sales tax free week starts Sunday and runs until Aug. 25.

What is sales tax free week?

The tax holiday is mandated by state law, but there are some exemptions of which items will be waived of their sales taxes.

What items will still have sales tax?

Any item priced at or above $100.

In addition, jewelry, handbags, fishing and ski boots, wallets and umbrellas all fall under the list of items that will still be taxed even if the price tag is under $100. Some items that aren’t frequently bought don’t make the cut either. You’ll still pay the sales tax if you want to buy lobster bibs, potholders, tap shoes or tennis gloves.

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