Mulitstate – Non-Streamlined States that are still pending Wayfair v. South Dakota

Enexus Status of Non-Streamlined States
As of September 25, 2018
Ref No. State Sales Tax Status State Enforcement Date
1 Non-Streamline AZ Pending Legislature
2 Non-Streamline CA Pending
3 Non-Streamline DC No Information
4 Non-Streamline FL No Information
5 Non-Streamline MO Pending
6 Non-Streamline NM No Information
7 Non-Streamline NY No Information
8 Non-Streamline TX Pending
9 Non-Streamline VA No Information

As of September 25, 2018 there are still nine non-streamlined states that have not responded to the US Supreme Courts ruling on Wayfair v. South Dakota.