Nevada – State Began Enforcing Sales Tax ENexus October 1, 2018


Although there has been no change in the law itself (the decision just overturns a prior decision based on the same law), Nevada will apply this ruling on a prospective basis for remote sellers that are not already registered with their state. (Note: Remote sellers that were already registered and collecting the tax or remitting the tax through a third party, such as a marketplace facilitator, are not entitled to a refund of the taxes they previously collected and should not stop collecting through these channels. In addition, if a seller had a physical presence or other legal obligation to collect and remit the tax for Nevada, this prospective treatment does not apply.)

Proposed Thresholds for Nevada
Nevada will establish thresholds for when a remote seller is required to collect and remit sales tax. Under the proposed thresholds, businesses will be required to register and collect and remit sales tax if the gross revenue of retail sales into Nevada in the prior or current year is greater than $100,000 or the business conducts 200 or more retail sales into the state.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Nevada Department of Taxation