New Hampshire – State Looks To Take ‘Aggressive’ Position Following SCOTUS Wayfair Sales Tax Ruling

After failing to pass a bill in response to the Supreme Court’s Wayfair decision during a special session this summer, Governor Sununu’s office says the legislature should be ready to try again.

The GOP-controlled House rejected a bill backed by Sununu that would have created hurdles for other states attempting to collect a sales tax from a New Hampshire business.

The Wayfair decision, which overturned 50 years of precedent, clears the way for those collection efforts even if a business doesn’t have a “physical presence” in the taxing state.

The ruling was seen as a blow to New Hampshire businesses, as most have little experience collecting and remitting a sales tax.

Sununu’s legal counsel John Formella told a panel in Concord on Wednesday that he expects the legislature to try again next session to pass a bill.

New Hampshire Public Radio
by Todd Bookman
October 24, 2018

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