Minnesota – New Sales Tax Rate Map

The Minnesota Department of Revenue currently offers a Sales Tax Rate Calculator on our website. Our customers use this calculator to determine the state and general local sales and use tax rate that applies to sales and purchases made in Minnesota. Today, we launched our new Sales Tax Rate Map application on our website in addition to the Sales Tax Rate Calculator.

How is the Map different from the Sales Tax Rate Calculator?
The Map adds a visual interface. Users can navigate through the Map and explore general local tax rates in different geographic locations. Users can enter an address in the Search box. The map zooms to that address and the user can visually confirm that the map is showing their place of interest. The Sales Tax Rate Calculator is a text-based lookup tool. The user enters a 9-digit ZIP Code, and the tool returns the tax rate associated with that 9-digit ZIP Code.

How does the Map work?
The new map will show users a view of the entire state with general sales tax rates. Users can zoom in and out, and click and drag the map to locate the sales tax rate that applies to a specific physical location. Users can also enter an address and an auto-fill function will help them find the full address location they are looking for. The panel on the right-hand side will show the general local sales tax rates for the specific location you are viewing.

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