West Virginia – Collection Of Internet Sales Tax To Result In $21 Million For State

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The collection of an internet sales tax in West Virginia will bring in $21 million over a one-year period, according to state Deputy Revenue Secretary Mark Muchow.

The state will begin to collect new taxes in January, in which companies that do business in West Virginia will have to collect sales taxes like businesses with physical locations in the state.

“Collections would start around February, so in terms of this year’s treasury, it might be $10 million. In the full year, about $21 million,” Muchow told lawmakers earlier this month.

The Justice administration announced the change in policy in October, which was applauded by retailers.

Muchow said the sale of certain products would not be affected by the new rule, and there are still issues with third-party platforms that need to be addressed.

“This is certainly a big step in terms of bringing folks into compliance,” he added. “We already had a number of internet sellers in compliance before this.”

by MetroNews Staff
November 25, 2018

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