Louisiana – Heads Up, Louisiana: Taxes On Internet Sales To Be Collected Jan. 1; Here Are The Rules

The procedures for how Louisiana will collect taxes on sales over the internet in two weeks were approved in a 5-2 vote Tuesday.

The directive tells out-of-state website vendors how they can register and when they should start collecting sales taxes.

And for the first time in decades, local jurisdictions will be left out of the sales tax action.

The Louisiana Sales and Use Tax Commission for Remote Sellers voted to collect a flat 8.45 percent of every dollar spent with an internet retailer from another state. Every three months, the state will send about half of those proceeds — 4 percent of the 8.45 percent tax, regardless of what a particular local charges — to the parishes based on population. The rest goes into state coffers.

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The Advocate

The Advocate
by Mark Ballard
December 18, 2018


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