New Hampshire – Despite Last Year’s Failure, Bipartisan Internet Sales Tax Bill Reintroduced

A bipartisan group of lawmakers are reviving a bill voted down last summer during a special session, as the state continues to search for a way to respond to the Wayfair Supreme Court ruling.

The decision, which cleared the way for states to require businesses to collect and remit a sales tax when they sell a good in that state, was seen as a blow to New Hampshire, where companies have little experience collecting sales tax. In the wake of the ruling, Gov. Chris Sununu called for a special session where lawmakers attempted to pass a bill that would have erected a series of hurdles for any state that sought to enforce its sales tax rules on New Hampshire companies.

The final bill cleared the Senate on a 24-0 vote, but was effectively gutted in the House. Lawmakers in the lower chamber cited a range of concerns, from fear that passing a bill legitimized the court’s ruling, to worry that passing legislation would encourage businesses to not collect a sales tax, clearing the way for steep fines and fees.

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New Hampshire Public Radio
by Todd Bookman
January 25, 2019