California – Blog: California, Are You Ready For A Carbon Sales Tax

Coming soon to a store near you — a carbon sales tax?

The Democratic supermajority up in Sacramento is back at it, finding creative ways to hike taxes on businesses and working families.

SB 43 from Sen. Ben Allen (D-Santa Monica) is billed as a proposal for a “carbon tax,” which confused Sarah Boot, a policy advocate for the California Chamber of Commerce. Writing in the CalChamber Alert publication, Boot initially thought it would be a tax on fossil fuel emissions.

That’s not the case.

SB 43, which fortunately is a study bill, would replace the state’s sales-and-use tax with a carbon tax that would be based on the “carbon intensity” of the product. Carbon intensity supposedly would measure the amount of carbon emitted during the manufacture and distribution of the product.

For The Full Story: The Business Journal

The Business Journal
by Gordon Webster, Jr.
February 8, 2019