Florida – Online Purchases May Have Petersburg Sales Tax

Like others in Southeast, people in Petersburg may start seeing local sales tax charged on some online purchases. The borough last month heard the first report of such a sales tax charge from online retail giant Amazon and the local government is just starting to look into what that might mean.

The news about online sales tax came up at a work session on community ideas for the borough’s budget in late January.

“We had a report today that one of our local businesses ordered a couple of things from Amazon and got charged Petersburg sales tax,” borough manager Steve Giesbrecht told the assembly. “Now by the way I tried to order something myself just to play a game. They didn’t charge me any sales tax. I had my wife who just ordered something check the invoice, no sales tax on it. So I don’t know yet. There’s some discussion that it’s only Amazon stuff not anything that’s a third party seller through Amazon.”

Sales tax charges for online purchases have started showing up in other parts of Southeast. That’s following last year’s ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that states can collect taxes on out-of-state sales regardless of whether a company has a physical presence in that locale. And while some companies may be starting to charge that sales tax, there’s no money making it yet to the borough’s coffers.

For More Information: https://www.kfsk.org/2019/02/05/online-purchases-may-have-petersburg-sales-tax/

by Joe Viechnicki
february 5, 2019


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