Rhode Island – Raimondo Pushing For Expanded ‘Amazon Tax’ To Help Plug R.I. Budget Gaps

PROVIDENCE — Amid lagging revenues, the Raimondo administration is pushing for fast action by lawmakers on an expanded “Amazon tax” and potentially other revenue-raising measures to start plugging growing budget holes.

Gov. Gina Raimondo’s budget team is asking the General Assembly to act before the end of March on legislation allowing the state to collect an anticipated $11.5 million in Rhode Island sales taxes from “remote sellers” who market their wares on Amazon and other internet sites that deliver goods to customers inside Rhode island.

State law already requires the collection of Rhode Island’s 7-percent sales taxes on goods ordered over the internet from companies with a physical presence in the state. A recent court decision opened the door for Rhode Island to reach farther.

For The Full Story:

Providence Journal
by Katherine Gregg
January 26, 2019


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