California – Chico Store Pays Sales Tax For Select Feminine Hygiene Products

CHICO, Calif. — A grocery store called the Chico Natural Foods Cooperative announced it will cover the sales tax typically charged with feminine hygiene products. 

Current California law does not exempt feminine hygiene products from sales tax.

Action News Now asked a customer what she thought of the store’s decision.

“I think that it’s a good step towards doing the right thing cause men don’t have to pay certain things for themselves. So why should something that we don’t have a choice in deciding whether or not we bleed we should pay for it? We shouldn’t have to pay extra,” said Payton Johnson, a Co-op shopper.

“They are necessities for women. Women cannot not have these items and hold a job and do normal things in our society so the Co-op decided to pay the sales tax until California decides they are a necessity and stops taxing them,” said Meagan Dallas, a Floor Supervisor at the Co-op.

Several legislators are pushing to end the sales tax on feminine hygiene products as of January 1st, 2020.

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Posted by Laura Eng
MARCH 11, 2019