Florida – Central Florida Officials Blast Bill As Assault On Home Rule That Could Impede Sales-Tax Measures

Central Florida officials are concerned about a bill moving quickly through the Legislature they fear would make it more difficult for local governments to gain voter approval for local-option sales taxes to fund road improvements or capital projects.

The proposed state law (HB 5) would require the approval of at least two-thirds — or almost 67 percent — of voters in a general election to allow a county or local government to raise the sales tax.

That would be a huge change from the current requirement. Counties now can raise the sales tax by up to 2.5 cents above the state’s rate of 6 cents on the dollar with the support of a majority of voters to build roads and schools, buy police cars or firetrucks, fund mass transit and more.

For The Full Story: Orlando Sentinel

Orlando sentinel
by martin e. comas | contact reporter
march 21, 2019


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