Idaho – You May Owe Use Tax On Internet, Other Untaxed Purchases

BOISE, IDAHO — March 19, 2019 — As you gather information to file your 2018 Idaho income tax return, don’t forget to report those untaxed purchases you made last year. If you didn’t pay sales tax when you bought the goods, you owe a 6-percent use tax for using or storing them in Idaho. 

For example, when you buy goods on the internet, sellers might not charge sales tax if they’re not Idaho retailers. As the shopper, you’re responsible for paying tax directly to the state if the goods are shipped to you in Idaho. This also applies if you buy goods by telephone or mail order catalog. And you owe Idaho use tax when you buy products in a state where no sales tax is charged — like Oregon or Montana — and then bring the goods into Idaho. 

Check your invoices or receipts to see if you paid sales tax on the following types of purchases: 

  • Internet purchases 
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Book and music club items 
  • Catalog and phone purchases 
  • Purchases in a state with no sales tax, such as Oregon and Montana 

For More Information: Idaho State Tax Commission