Montana – Great Falls Ex-LuLaRoe Consultant Sues Clothing MLM Company Over Illegal Sales Tax Collection

A Great Falls woman has filed a lawsuit against the clothing company LuLaRoe, a California-headquartered multi-level marketing company.

LuLaRoe is known for bright pattern in limited runs and its “buttery soft” leggings. It’s an MLM, or direct selling business similar to Avon, Scentsy, Younique, Herbalife Nutrition, doTERRA and many others.

However, the buy-in for LuLaRoe consultants is steep, an onboarding package that ran $5,000-$9,000, according to the lawsuit. The basic onboarding package dropped to $3,389 last year.

Also, consultants couldn’t pick the prints they received. Some prints were ugly. Some prints were collectable and prompted “unicorn hunts” from frenzied shoppers.

In the lawsuit filed in district court in Great Falls, LuLaRoe customer Melissa Hill seeks damages for what her attorneys describe as illegally charged sales tax on LuLaRoe purchases she made from consultants in other states.

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Great Falls tribune
by kristen inbody and charisse jones
march 18, 2019