Utah – State Lawmakers Postpone Contentious Tax Overhaul Bill

ST. GEORGE  A massive tax overhaul Utah lawmakers hoped to pass this session has been put on hold.

Gov. Gary Herbert and top Republican legislators announced in a press conference Thursday that mo re time is needed to address issues related to the bill.

“This session we are not going to be moving forward with pursuing the passage of House Bill 441,” House Speaker Brad Wilson, R-Salt Lake City, said.

HB 441 was officially rolled out last week and approved Friday by a House Committee. The near 260-page legislation proposes to lower the state’s income from 4.95 percent to 4.75 and sales tax from 4.7 percent to 3.10 while also “broadening the tax base” by extending sales tax to an expansive list of services.

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St george news
by mori kessler
march 7, 2019


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