Arizona – Arizona Is Already Taxing Some Online Services – With No Legal Authority To Do So

Opinion: Arizona’s tax policies must be transparent, clearly stated in the law and defensible. As of today, none of those are true.

Peter Burns and Ted Ferris’ op-ed (“Senate Bill 1460 will make a mess of online sales in Arizona,” March 14) needs a counter argument.

Their position is that legislators are fools, and will bungle any effort to clarify the distinction between digital goods that are taxed as retail and digital services that are exempt from sales tax. Many will agree that legislators can muck up even the easiest of tasks.

Where the readers need a counter opinion is on the presumptuous behavior of the Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR), which is already taxing digital services as retail trade, with no legal authority

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by scott o’connor | Opinion contributor
march 26, 2019