Louisiana – Proposed Constitutional Amendment Would Have State Collect Local Sales Taxes

A proposed constitutional amendment would transfer the authority to collect sales taxes from local taxing entities to the state.

Supporters say the change would simplify Louisiana’s convoluted sales tax system and create a more business-friendly taxing environment. But politically influential local officials, who historically have opposed such efforts, say they don’t necessarily trust state government to collect and remit their taxes in a fair and timely fashion.

The state constitution gives any local political subdivision or school board the right to levy sales taxes as approved by local voters. A single entity such as the school board collects and distributes those taxes to other taxing entities within its parish.

House Bill 57 by Rep. Tanner Magee, a Houma Republican, calls for a constitutional amendment that would strip local governments of that right and require the legislature to provide for collection of all sales and use taxes levied in the state.

For The Full Story: Louisiana Watchdog

louisiana watchdog
by david jacobs | watchdog.org
march 18, 2019


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