Missouri – Use Tax Unofficially Passes On Second Ballot Attempt

The use tax was unofficially approved by voters April 2. The tax will place a 2.375% sales tax on any online out-of-state purchases. The tax originally appeared on the November ballot and was rejected by voters.

In 2016, the Department of Revenue estimated Maryville citizens spent $10.4 million online to out-of-state vendors. With the use tax in place that would have cost the average person about $245,000 a year.

City Manager Greg McDanel said he believes people spend even more online today, and that is why he decided to first introduce and push for the use tax to be passed.

McDanel said he and the city are elated that voters passed the use tax as it is a growing problem he believed needed to be addressed.

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Northwest missourian
by katie stevenson
april 3, 2019