Rhode Island – Nardone Bill Would Lower Remote Sales Tax In RI from 7% To 6.5% As “Already Required By Law”

Freshman Republican State Representative George Nardone appeared on GoLocal LIVE at at the Rhode Island State House, where he spoke to his bill, introduced along with colleagues Sherry Roberts and Minority Leader Blake Filippi — to reduce the rate for sale and use taxes where law has authorized states to require remote sellers to collect or remit rate or sales taxes. 

“This bill is just implementing what’s already been codified back in 2014 — when we said that if we were able to expand the sales tax to remote locations — which we’ve done — this law says we would trigger it back from 7% down to 6.5%,” said Nardone.

“The [opposition] argument is that they never went through Congressional legislation — my argument is that it was implemented by the Supreme Court,” said Nardone. “Roe v. Wade is law.”

Read the bill language here

For More Information: GoLocal LIVE

GoLocal live
march 17, 2019


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