Montana – Time To Close The Door Of A Sales Tax In Montana

After reading the article by your guest columnist Dorothy Bardley, Wednesday April 10, I had to put in my two cents. Sorry for the pun.

Accessing the pocketbooks of the millions of tourists who come here, I think there’s another side to the coin. Oh, did it again. Tourist come from all over and I’m sure they are taxed to death at home. So when they buy something and pay no sales tax here, they’re delighted and buy even more.

To me that’s a win-win. Some towns have their sales tax only during summer, may only be 3 percent, but thinking of 1 percent more increase. (West has it all year). As for me I try and avoid buying during that time. In any of those places. I live here all year. Just because they have a foot in the door, it makes it easier, to try and up it.

I think it’s time to close the door.

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Bozeman Daily Chronicle
by Rhea tucker
april 20, 2019