Multi-State – What’s Next in the World of Sales Tax

It’s been said that nothing motivates accountants more than legislation and, more specifically, the need to comply. Nothing is more clear about this statement than what we’ve seen, and will see, in sales tax.

Attending a conference like Avalara Crush, you get a distinct feeling they have been ahead of the curve when it comes to helping businesses comply with the ever-changing world of sales tax. Moreover, it is not going to get easier to do so here, or around the world.

“If you all think that in the digital world sales tax will be manual it is absurd, every business will comply with an automated fashion. We are just out in front of that,” said Avalara co-founder and CEO Scott McFarlane, addressing attendees at this year’s user and partner conference.

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by seth fineberg | managing editor
May 10, 2019