Illinois – Residents Can Expect To Pay Higher Taxes When Shopping Amazon And Etsy Next Year. Here’s Why.

Shopping online would get more expensive for Illinois residents under a new measure passed by the state’s General Assembly that changes the way online sales are taxed.

The changes would require online marketplaces, like Etsy and eBay, to collect state sales tax from Illinois residents. Though the individual merchants who sell through those marketplaces are required to collect taxes now, Rob Karr, president and CEO of Illinois Retail Merchants Association, said many do not.

That means consumers at times aren’t paying taxes on those purchases, and come Jan. 1, totals at checkout could go up 6.25% to include the tax. A coffee cup off Etsy that cost an Illinois customer $10 without taxes would cost $10.63.

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Chicago tribune
by ally marotti
june 5, 2019