Nevada – Marketplaces To Be Responsible For Tax On Third-Party Sales In Nevada, October 2019

Nevada has enacted legislation requiring marketplace facilitators to collect and remit tax for all sales made through the platform. It’s about the 33rd state to do so (including Washington, D.C.). Remote sellers with economic nexus in Nevada have had a sales tax collection obligation in the state since October 1, 2018.

Effective October 1, 2019, a marketplace facilitator is required to collect tax on behalf of sellers if, in the calendar year or in the immediately preceding calendar year, it:

  • Had cumulative gross receipts exceeding $100,000 from retail sales made to customers in Nevada — on its own behalf or on behalf of a seller; or
  • It made or facilitated 200 or more separate retail sales transactions — on its own behalf or on behalf of a seller.

Assembly Bill 445 stipulates that a marketplace and a seller can agree (in writing) to have the seller collect instead. The seller must be registered with the Nevada Department of Taxation to collect sales and use taxes in Nevada. Facilitators must provide the Department of Taxation with a report containing the name of each marketplace seller who agrees to take care of sales tax itself, along with any other information the department deems necessary.

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by Gail cole
june 14, 2019