Rhode Island – Republicans Try In Vain To Protect Trigger For Sales-Tax Cut

Republicans fought to protect a state law mandating a half-percentage-point cut in the state’s 7% sales tax Friday as the Rhode Island House deliberated on the state budget for next year. The 2011 law included a trigger to cut the sales tax rate to 6.5% with federal approval of internet sales tax collections. The budget proposed by Democratic leaders would eliminate it. “We made a promise to the Rhode Island taxpayers that we would cut the sales tax to 6.5%,” said Glocester Republican Michael Chippendale in support of the amendment. “Let’s be honest with ourselves. This is a promise we made repeatedly over the past eight or nine years to the people we represent. Let’s not kick sand in their face please.” Raimondo signed into law legislation subjecting all e-commerce to sales tax, but Democratic leaders argued that it triggered no sales tax cut because a U.S. Supreme Court ruling, not Congress, enabled it.

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providence journal
By patrick anderson
June 21, 2019