Ohio – Lawmakers Considering Range Of Tax Exemptions

Ohio lawmakers are considering several tax exemptions, including a break for the owners of land used in the commercial production of maple syrup.

House Bill 109 would grant a property tax exemption to the owners of property used for commercial maple sap extraction as part of a five-year pilot program. If approved, the break might be the first such exemption in the country, state Rep. John Patterson, D-Jefferson, said during a House Ways and Means Committee hearing.

“Maple offers a steady stream of income if it finds its way to the market,” Patterson told his fellow lawmakers.

“HB 109 would offer an incentive of zero property taxes to those who make at least 30 taps per acre on a minimum of 15 trees,” Patterson added. “… Second, contingent upon this tax break, landowners would practice enhanced forestry practices by participating in Ohio’s forest management plan.”

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The highland county press
by todd defeo
January 30, 2020