Utah – Tax Reform Task Force Not Going To ‘Tax Everything,’ But Still Looking At Sales Taxes On Some Services

SALT LAKE CITY — Now that members of the Utah Legislature’s tax reform task force have finished a series of public meetings around the state, they’re ready to start talking specifics.

For Sen. Lyle Hillyard, co-chairman of the Tax Restructuring and Equalization Task Force, that means considering recommending adding sales taxes to some services already taxed in other states, such as Uber and other ride-sharing services.

Other subjects of a yet-to-be-scheduled series of meetings, the Logan Republican said, likely will include restoring the full state sales tax on food purchases and reconsidering the constitutional earmarking of income taxes for education.

If the task force can come up with proposals supported by a majority of lawmakers, their recommendations could go to a special session of the Utah Legislature later this year, he said.

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Deseret News
by lisa riley roche
august 4, 2019