ARIZONA – County Shoppers Set To Get Tax Break With New Year

Thousands of merchants throughout Mohave County will be rolling back the Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT) at the end of the year. The 20-year quarter-cent sales tax increase approved by the Board of Supervisors in 1999 will sunset on Dec. 31.

Financial Services Director Coral Loyd said the quarter-cent sales tax, dedicated to capital improvement projects, had generated $119.2 million through the end of June. Loyd projects it will generate another $4 million, for a total of $123 million, before it expires as the new year begins.

The tax increment over the years funded construction of a number of new buildings, including the sheriff’s office, government administration building and detention center. It paid for a number of other projects as well, including demolition of the old sheriff’s office and the renovation of the Negus Building for its current use by the probation department. 

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Mohave valley daily news
dave hawkins
September 1, 2019