South Carolina – Tax Deadline Extended Until June 1, 2020 COVID – 19

The South Carolina Department of Revenue is giving taxpayers in the state more time to file their returns as they deal with the coronavirus outbreak

The decision was first announced at a news conference Tuesday, and further details came out a short time later. Earlier in the day, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin announced the IRS would be deferring tax payments and penalties, but filing must still take place by April 15.

Here’s what the state of South Carolina is doing: Tax returns and payments due April 1 – June 1 will now be due June 1, 2020. Penalty and interest will not be charged if payment is made by June 1. This includes South Carolina Individual Income Taxes, Corporate Income Taxes, Sales and Use Tax, Admissions Tax, and other taxes filed and paid with the SCDOR. The SCDOR is automatically applying this tax relief for all applicable returns and payments; you don’t need to take any additional action.

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march 17, 2020