Texas – The Days Of Escaping Sales Taxes By Shopping Online Are Over

Avoiding sales taxes by shopping online is going to get a lot tougher next week.

The Texas Legislature fixed a loophole in the last session that dates back to the days when interstate commerce by regular folks was not a daily occurrence. Now that boxes arrive regularly to doorsteps from all over the place, states don’t want to miss out on sales taxes.

Starting Tuesday, most out-of-state retailers will start collecting sales taxes from their Texas customers. The Comptroller estimates that Texas will collect an additional $500 million a year in sales taxes from formerly tax-free online purchases.

Texas joins other states that made adjustments after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in June 2018 that states could force retailers from outside the state to collect state and local sales taxes from their residents. California changed its rules in April, and New York did it last year. Louisiana said it will start no later than July 1, 2020, and Oklahoma will make the changes Nov. 1.

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Dallas News
By Maria Halkias
September 27, 2019