Utah – Tax Reform Debate Generating Calls For Tax Hikes, Tax Cuts And More

A mix of seemingly contradictory messages are emerging as a special legislative task force continues the delicate debate over a possible overhaul of the state’s system of taxation.

Utah Sen. Lyle Hillyard, for one, hopes for a “revenue neutral” solution, a fix that maintains the current state funding level, but shifts where it comes from and how it’s allocated to meet the state’s changing needs. The Logan Republican is co-chair of the Tax Restructuring and Equalization Task Force.

“We don’t need more money. We just need more flexibility,” Hillyard said.

Utah Rep. Francis Gibson, the other co-chair and a Republican from Mapleton, takes a slightly different view. He would like to see an income tax cut and a net reduction in taxes collected by the state. “All along we have said we don’t have a money problem. We have a distribution problem,” he said.

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by tim vandenack
september 13, 2019