Nebraska – New Sales Tax Rate Finder for State

From the Nebraska Department of Revenue Daily Digest Bulletin:

The Department of Revenue announces that effective October 1, 2019, the Sales Tax Rate Finder will be provided through a partnership with the Nebraska Geographic Information Office (GIO). The new Sales Tax Rate Finder will be based on GIS mapping and will provide the correct state sales tax rate along with any applicable local tax rate and the jurisdiction name, for any location across the state. This has a new URL, so you will need to update this if you keep this in your favorites.  

The new Sales Tax Rate Finder will also provide a map that can be used to see where the address is located, in relation to city boundaries, etc. For those areas that do not have an official address, using the map feature will assist in being able to see the city boundaries, which is important for local sales tax purposes.  

The Rates and Boundaries downloadable file will be available in a format similar to our previous Sales Tax Rate Finder. 

We are confident that you will find this new Sales Tax Rate Finder accurate and easy to use.  Click on the Sales Tax Rate Finder link for access to it.