Texas – Dallas Owes $5.2 Million To State In Sales Tax Overpayments

Dallas must return $5.2 million to the state after Texas overpaid the city in sales tax revenues over the course of several years, city officials were told in late September.

In a notice sent to the city budget office Sept. 30, the Texas Comptroller’s office said a retailer mistakenly reported all sales to the city rather than the customer’s “ship to” address. The errors occurred between July 2014 and July 2017 and were discovered in an audit, the notice said.

Chief Financial Officer Elizabeth Reich opted to deduct the amount in full from August’s sales tax revenues, which she said will be $7.4 million more than she accounted for. She said the amount won’t impact the city, but that it’ll reduce unassigned funds in cases of unexpected costs or a recession.

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The dallas Morning News
by hayat norimine
Oct 9, 2019