Multi-State – Black Friday and Cyber Monday Can Push Sellers Into New Tax Liabilities

International tax authorities have their eyes on the holiday shopping calendar as an opportunity to extend their tax net on eCommerce retailers.

Biggest shopping days of the year in EU and US

Retailers will usually generate more sales in Q4 2019 than during the preceding 3 quarters combined. Peak festive shopping days in the EU and US will tip thousands of online merchants over annual VAT and sales tax selling thresholds in new territories. This will mean that they may need to register and collect local taxes for the first time.

Sales will spike in both regions at the start of the December, potentially pushing EU sellers over the EU VAT Distance Selling country thresholds. Similarly, EU sellers into the US run the risk of going over remote seller sales tax thresholds.

The latter has become the hot tax zone following the 2018 Wayfair Supreme Court ruling, which has enabled almost 45 states to tax EU and other foreign sellers for the first time.

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eseller cafe
by esellercafe news team
november 8, 2019