Washington – City Of Kent’s Fight Continues With State To Keep Streamlined Sales Tax Funds

The city of Kent’s fight goes on with the state Legislature for streamlined sales tax mitigation funds.

The City Council approved its 2020 legislative priorities on Nov. 5. Lobbyist Briahna Murray compiled the city’s state agenda after meeting with department leaders and the mayor’s office, ranking streamlined sales tax once again as the top priority.

Legislators during the 2019 session approved for Kent to continue to receive about $4 million per year through 2021 and potentially through 2023. The funds were initially set up by the state in 2008 to help compensate Kent and other cities for revenue lost when legislators changed Washington from an origin-based system for local retail sales tax to a destination-based system, which took away Kent’s tax revenue from its many distribution and wholesale warehouses.

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kent reporter
by steve hunter
november 11, 2019