Multi-State – The Wackiest Sales Tax News Of 2019

Some of the wackiest sales tax tales in 2019 centered on remote sales tax. States won the right to tax remote sales only recently, with the United States Supreme Court decision on South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. (June 21, 2018) — and implementation hasn’t gone smoothly everywhere.

But wackiness isn’t limited to online sales tax. Read on for a recap of the top five wacky sales tax tales of 2019.

New York made remote sellers scramble

New York kept mum on the June 2018 Wayfair decision until January 2019, at which point it declared Wayfair enabled it to enforce remote sales tax collections “immediately.” As in, as of June 21, 2018.

That was hard, and it wasn’t helped by subsequent confusion over the state’s economic nexus threshold.

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by gail cole
december 19, 2019