Georgia – Gov’s Budget Director Speaks To DPS Cuts, Internet Sales Taxes

The director of the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget acknowledged his unfavorable position of being the last state agency head to speak during the three days of the legislature’s joint budget hearings, and to boot, he was the last scheduled to speak before the Thursday lunch break. Legislators used the opportunity to try to get some clarity on some decisions made within the governor’s proposed budget.

State Rep. Andy Welch, R-McDonough and chairman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Public Safety, asked OPB Director Kelly Farr how the office came up with personnel cutbacks at the state Department of Public Safety.

“We talked to the commissioner about this — the vacancies, elimination or the freezing of positions within the Department of Public Safety,” Welch said. “The commissioner came in and gave us a report that he was going to freeze about 45 positions in the amended budget, and 55 positions or so in the 2021 budget. I asked him how that was calculated or how that was determined.

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The brunswick news
by wes wolfe
January 23, 2020