California – CDTFA Leadership Conference January 21 and 22, 2020 – Situation #4

January 21 and 22, 2020 the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration gathered supervisors, district principal auditors and Sacramento decision makers at a leadership conference hosted by Director of the CDTFA Mr. Nicolas Maduros. The SALT Report had the opportunity to meet with Mr. Maduros and Mr Wayne Mashihara to gain insight into California’s new approach to sales and use tax collection and obligation. A series of situations was posed to all CDTFA Leadership above supervisor (Supervisor, District Principal Auditors, and many other legacy and New Leadership positions. Such as the new CFO of California (Jason G. Mallet) revealing insight into the internal expectations of the state of California new sales and use tax collection and enforcement organization. The questions clearly provoke a thoughtful set of options consumers, constituents, taxpayers and representatives should be aware of, however, CDTFA leadership itself must also reasonably consider these questions as well. Over the next few weeks the additional 8 questions will be released as well as additional resources and information collected from the conference.

Situation #4 follows as presented on January 21 and January 22 at the Hilton Hotel in Sacramento:


You are considering a change. Your followers have a fine record of accomplishment. They respect the need for change.


You would…

  1.  Allow group involvement in developing the change, But do not be too directive.
  2.  Announce changes and then implement with close supervision.
  3.  Allow the group to formulate its own direction.
  4.  Incorporate group recommendations, But you direct the change.